12/11/13 Leading the Pack With Translogix Sapphire

The introduction of our world class Logistic Management System - Translogix Sapphire enables a turnkey monitoring and reporting …

Throughout the past 35 years, SteelHaul has been operating specialised transport and logistics for some of Australia's major projects.

This year, SteelHaul has delivered some of the world’s largest and challenging haulage projects to some of the world’s most isolated destinations.

SteelHaul has been contracted at the Rio Tinto Cape Lambert operation to move over 50,000 tonnes of wharf pylons, measuring up to 55 meters long. SteelHaul engineers were instrumental in designing specially built jinkers to transport these significant pylons reliably and safely.

SteelHaul's specialised transport and logistics fleet consists of: 6 axle and 4 axle jinkers, 20, 30, 40, 45 and 48 foot flat bed trailers. This equipment enables the movement of the most sophisticated and challenging loads wherever needed.

Currently SteelHaul is involved in specialised transport and logistics projects to locations such as – Karratha, Dampier, Onslow, Cape Lambert, Cape Preston, Yandi,  Woodie Woodie and Ashburton.

With specialised transport and logistic operations comes a high level of responsibility. SteelHaul places a high priority on OH&S, delivered through the systematic management of safety, health, reliability and efficiency. The SteelHaul team of professionals are highly trained and fully equipped with the relevant  PPE requirements to facilitate a safe and reliable operation.

Partnering is at the heart of our customer engagement. Working closely with our clients to clearly understand the scope of work, expectations, deliverables, budgets and deadlines, allows the professional team at SteelHaul to operate projects efficiently and effectively.

Meeting the demands of industry and exceeding expectations is at the core of SteelHaul’s philosphy.

“On behalf of the Dolphin project, I would like to thank you all for the very safe and successful transportation of the anchor piles from CLB to EII. It was a credit to all concerned. The pre-planning, cranage, cutting and trucking went like clockwork.”

Steve Menner
Project Supervisor,
Expansion Projects - Coastal
Rio Tinto