The Wheatstone Project is fast emerging as one of Australia’s premier and largest resource projects.

The onshore facilities located South West of Onslow at Ashburton North Industrial Area presented the construction partners with challenges in bringing ashore the gas pipeline to the processing facility whilst ensuring the safety and environmental well being of the area.

In order to meet these challenges Thiess were contracted to tunnel under the foreshore sand dunes to protect this sensitive coastal environment. This meant over 5,200 tonnes of concrete pipe with a diameter of 2.5 meters was needed to be transported from Georgiou Precast Malaga to the lay down area in Onslow, a round-trip journey of over 2,800 kilometres.

SteelHaul was selected by Thiess to handle this specialised logistic project due to the vast experience in this demanding logistic field and the world class performance SteelHaul places on the pursuit of excellence and systematic management of safety, health, reliability, environment and efficiency.

The first Road Trains left in May 2013 and since then over 90 additional SteelHaul Road Trains have made their way to Onslow. The tunnelling project received its last Road Train in early August 2013 delivered on schedule and on budget.

This is just one of many Specialised Logistic Projects SteelHaul works in partnership with in the Resource and Oil & Gas industry for more information on our capabilities and expertise, please contact us.

We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you and your team on any specialised logistic projects current or in the future and show how my company can manage your requirements whilst adding value in a responsible and safe way together with meeting your challenges and demands.